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Let's check and see if you've got the right Justin.This is Justin Neal Owings, a creator, tinkerer, author, marketer, and systems thinker. Justin's an occasional artist and sometimes guitarist. Atlanta-based and presently living near the Chattahoochee, Justin's married to Sonal and father to three kids—plus that six-toed, lovable jerk of a cat, Loki.Hello there. It's me.• I founded R-ght, my marketing consultancy (2024)
• I'm the founder of BirthdayShoes.com (2009)
• My blog is at JustinOwings.com (2007)
• I'm the author of Exec on the Desk (2023)
Owing to my penchant for picking up domains, I also own OwithWings.com and o-wings.com (that isn't anything right now)—plus several other domains not worth mentioning ... yet.


Here's a timeline of my career to date:• 2023–Present | Marketing Leader for Hire + Advisor + Author of Exec on the Desk
• 2020–2023 | Mural
• 2017–2020 | FullStory
• 2010–2017 | Google
• 2009–202X | BirthdayShoes
• 2007–2010 | Implode-Explode
• 2004–2007 | Georgia Gulf Corp.
• 2003–2004 | Ernst & Young
• 1999–2003 | University of Georgia
For more details, see Linkedin, or contact me for my resume. See work I've done on my portfolio.


Find here a select few publicly available creative works that I have either written, edited, or produced.Executive communications, thought leadership, press releases, blog and resource articles, case studies, ebooks, published books, email campaigns, newsletters, well over a thousand blog posts, community content (UGC), news articles, social media content, video content, logos, websites, t-shirts, website copy, briefs, internal communications, and more.When it comes to content, I have done it all—and built world-class teams of content creators too.Below is a drop in the bucket.




All of the "day job" work I did for Google was proprietary and non-public. However, I happened to design the office logo, which was and still is used for ATL Googler t-shirts. It also became the centerpiece of the new Google Atlanta office in 2022.


I'm always up to something, so if you're curious to find out more, get details on any of the above projects, see my full resume (and not just the timeline), or anything else, contact me.


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